Publix is one of the best grocery stores in the United States, and they have a high reputation for quality. If you are looking to work in the grocery store industry, this company is a very good one to try and apply to. They have a very easy Publix job online apply process, and all a potential employee has to do is go to their website and click on the “careers” link. It is pretty self-explanatory, and you shouldn’t have any trouble in navigating the links.

Publix is continually ranked as one of the best places in the United States to work, and many people stay at the company their whole lives. They have many hourly and management roles available, but in this economy there may be stiff competition for all positions. At their headquarters or other corporate offices there also may be open positions for IT, management, manufacturing, industrial maintenance, distribution, and administration. (more…)

If you are looking to work for a premium pharmacy, one of the better ones is the CVS Pharmacy, and the CVS Pharmacy job online apply process is relatively easy. They carry just about every item under the sun that a person would need in case of an emergency, and they have a well stocked inventory of drugs and medicines as well. Their MinuteClinics service is very popular, which is a quick-care clinic for minor illnesses or flu shots. The Pharmacy is very prevalent nationwide, and has over 7,000 stores in the U.S. and more than 200,000 employees throughout the world.

CVS Pharmacy is a very popular employer, and they offer training and incentives intended to keep its associates happy and fulfilled. Since there are so many locations, they are always looking for new talented people to work for them. If you have the skills and motivation, then you just may be the person they are looking to bring on into their company. If you are a college graduate and have some prior experience, you might even consider the corporate offices in Rhode Island. (more…)

If you are interested in trying to work for a grocery store or supermarket, then the Winn Dixie job online apply service might be a good way to go.  The company has a long history in the business, dating back to the early 1900’s with the original founder, William Davis.  However, they didn’t change the name to Winn Dixie until 1955 or so, and they now have more than 500 grocery stores all over the southeastern U.S.

Winn Dixie offers a variety of different jobs including retails stores, corporate headquarters, warehouse distribution, and pharmacy positions.  They have very good benefits which include excellent training programs, paid vacations and holidays, rewards programs, employee assistance, and a 401k with matching benefits.  The company likes to say that working there is an investment in people and improving their skills, and you can expect quite a lot from Winn Dixie. (more…)

If you are looking for a career in the restaurant industry, then you will love the Applebees job online apply process, which is relatively quick and easy.  The Applebee’s chain of restaurants is famous for fast and casual dining, and they are always looking for the right talented people to fill their open positions needs.  Applebee’s was founded in 1980 by Bill and T.J. Palmer, under the original name of T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles & Elixirs.  Well, that was a mouthful, and the name was eventually shortened to Applebee’s.  The company was purchased by IHOP Corp. in 2007 for over $2 billion, and is very successful.

Today, they are the largest chain of casual dining restaurants in the U.S. as well as 15 countries around the world.  They are in nearly every state in the U.S., and they employ around 28,000 associates.  So if you are interested in a great career with a fast growing company, you can’t go wrong with Applebee’s. (more…)

If you are looking for great job or career with a major oil company, there may be none better than Exxon Oil Corp.  The Exxon job online apply process is also pretty easy, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with it.  The history of this company dates way back to the early days of Standard Oil when it was declared a monopoly by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1911 and ultimately broken up into 2 smaller companies, Exxon and Mobil.  John D. Rockefeller was the founder of Standard Oil, and the company was the main reason behind his becoming so wealthy.  Today, Exxon is one of the largest oil and gas companies worldwide.

Exxon does well over $300 billion in revenue every year, and is a large employer in just many U.S. states and foreign countries, employing over 80,000 individuals.  The company is divided up into 3 main divisions, Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical.  The Upstream and Chemical divisions are both headquartered out of Houston, Texas, and Exxon is a big employer there if you are interested in moving.  The Upstream division is responsible for oil exploration, extraction, shipping, and wholesale operations, while the Chemical division is responsible for Research and Development.  If you are a bright and eager chemist, you may be a good fit for the company in Houston. (more…)

If you are seriously looking for a retail job with a great company, then you really can’t go wrong with Macy’s, and the Macys job online apply process is pretty simple too.  This company is probably one of the best out there for retail jobs, and they usually have happy employees because of their strong benefit program.  Macy’s tends to be one of the stronger anchor stores in the many malls around the country, and is very popular with shoppers everywhere.  This company has a long history, and started back in 1858 when Rowland Macy opened up the first R.H. Macy & Co. in New York.  The original store specialized in dry goods, which were very popular in those days.

Later on, Macy’s would face some serious competition from other stores, namely Federated Stores, Inc., and would ultimately merge with them in 1994.  Presently, the company has over 800 stores worldwide, and can be seen in 45 states in the U.S., plus Guam and Puerto Rico.  They have quite a number of associates, approximately 167,000, and they do over $24 billion in annual sales. (more…)

If you are looking for a great restaurant job, then Pizza Hut may just be the place for you to work, and the Pizza Hut job online apply process is pretty simple too.  The company has a lot of history behind it, first opening its doors back in 1958, and is now the world’s largest pizza restaurant!  I’m sure that everyone will agree that they have the best chain store pizza anywhere, and their customers are kept happy.  They value their customers, and Pizza Hut is constantly updating their menu and offering discounts to keep bringing in the people.  Today, the company is owned by Pepsi-Cola, but in the early days the owners had to borrow $600 from their mother just to open the business!

The company makes it relatively easy to apply for a job online, and you just need to go to their online website and find the “Careers” button, usually located near the bottom of the page.  Once there, you will be able to search on the location you are interested in applying for and the type of job and available positions.  For instance, you may be looking for a part time job as a cashier…  With the online job application, you will also need to fill out the proper information for the background check that they will probably do on you, so a good record is needed with no criminal convictions.  A conviction is not necessarily a no, but they do need that information so that they can decide whether or not to take a risk on hiring you. (more…)

If you are looking into the grocery store industry to work as an employee, then the Kroger Grocery Store is one of the best companies to work for…  The company also has an easy Krogers job online apply process to make things simpler.  Even in bad economies such as the present one, they are always hiring new employees and looking to train manager trainees for long term employment at the many locations around the country.  Kroger is actually located in 31 states around the United States, with almost 3,000 stores and 320,000 associates!  They operate under a number of different names, including Kroger, Ralphs, Dillon’s, and Food 4 Less.  If you don’t want to work in an actual grocery store, they also have a need for workers in more than 40 food processing plants around the country.

They are a very loyal company to work for, and strive to provide its employees with some great benefits and competitive wages from state to state.  Some of the generous employee benefits include health and dental insurance, great vacation time off, and retirement benefits.  Whether you are looking to work in a small town or a bustling city, there are plenty of locations to suit you. (more…)

The McDonalds job online apply process can be pretty simple for most people to use, and this company is one of the giants of the restaurant industry, and began with humble beginnings back over 60 years ago.  In 1948, they opened up their first drive-in restaurant and had a very small menu.  However, they quickly rose through the years to their present number 1 ranking in the fast food arena, and it’s one of the better companies that you can work for today.

There are over 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the world today, including countries like China and Russia and anywhere that convenience is a useful commodity, including India.  Their annual revenue is over $22 billion today, and with new innovations and providing what the customer wants their future is looking very bright indeed. (more…)