If you are interested in trying to work for a grocery store or supermarket, then the Winn Dixie job online apply service might be a good way to go.  The company has a long history in the business, dating back to the early 1900’s with the original founder, William Davis.  However, they didn’t change the name to Winn Dixie until 1955 or so, and they now have more than 500 grocery stores all over the southeastern U.S.

Winn Dixie offers a variety of different jobs including retails stores, corporate headquarters, warehouse distribution, and pharmacy positions.  They have very good benefits which include excellent training programs, paid vacations and holidays, rewards programs, employee assistance, and a 401k with matching benefits.  The company likes to say that working there is an investment in people and improving their skills, and you can expect quite a lot from Winn Dixie.

It’s relatively easy to use the Winn Dixie job online apply aspect of the site for a job, and you will start off by going to the official Winn Dixie website and find the “Careers” link on the page, which is either at the top or the bottom of the page.  Then you should be able to do a search of locations and the type of job desired, and from there you can see what positions are open and what you would like to apply for.  Just answer the questions as truthfully as possible and make sure to fill in as much as you know.  One of the biggest reasons employers throw out applications is incompleteness and also spelling and grammatical errors.  So make sure everything is correct before submitting!  You should hear back from them within a few days one way or the other and good luck with your new Winn Dixie career!